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Oatmeal or Oats Portion

How much Water makes one Portion of Oatmeal or Oats?

One portion is 1 cup of water. This is true for rolled oats (like Quaker brand rolled oats) or for steel cut oats (such as McCann's brand).

How much Uncooked, Dry Oats makes one Portion of Oatmeal?

For rolled oats, like Quaker brand or others, one portion is 1/2 cup of uncooked oatmeal (rolled oats).

For steel cut oats, such as McCann's brand, one portion is 1/4 cup of uncooked, steel cut oats.

Quaker's Heart Healthy Portion

I follow the "heart healthy" suggestion on the Quaker Box – mostly because it fills me up in the morning. This is 1.5 cups of water. To that I add 3/4 cup of dry rolled oats, or 4.5 tablespoons (one and one-half "quarter cup scoops") of steel cut oats.

More detail about oats and oatmeal

Click for more information on cooking oatmeal, or click here: for more information about oats and oatmeal, generally.

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