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How much water to put in Oats

If you've landed here, I know two things about you: First, you cook, and second, you are computer literate.

So . . . . How much water do you put in Rolled Oats ?

First: Use as much water as you want to eat.

Second: Use a water to oats ratio of 2 to 1.

More detail? Click here: More information on cooking oatmeal and rolled oats.

That's it.

Now, onto your computer literacy.

I suspect that you know someone who is involved in the commercial world. You might even be aware of companies requiring turnaround or rehabilitation, or that have suffered significant property losses and loss of income after a fire, flood or other catastrophic event. That's where we help. If you hear of someone or some company which might need our services, tell them about us. Our website is:

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