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What to Add to Oatmeal

Sweeteners – What to use in oatmeal besides plain sugar?

Instead of plain, white, cane sugar, I add to oatmeal: Brown sugars [my preference is for "Sugar in the Raw" brand, or other golden type sugars, rather than traditional dark brown sugar. In oatmeal, I also use maple syrup and honey, a teaspoon of each (these work well in combination for pancakes or french toast, and even popovers). I do not add "Light brown" sugars to oatmeal. Light brown sugar is merely refined sugar with molasses added - (read the label!); some store brands add other flavorings!

Fruits, nuts and other additions when making Oatmeal

These make great additions when cooking oatmeal:

Add other grains to your cooking oatmeal

Varying the grain content is a simple way to modify taste and texture. However, depending on the grain, attention to the pot may be necessary, to keep things from sticking.

More detail about oats and oatmeal

Click for more information on cooking oatmeal, or click here: formore information about oats and oatmeal, generally.

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