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How to Cook Steel Cut Oats

How to cook steel cut oatmeal?

Unlike normal, rolled oats, steel cut oats take longer to cook, and steel cut oats aren't as fragile. While the oatmeal slurry will bring starch into the water, checking the bottom of the pot isn't going to break up the grains as easily. 20-30 minutes at low heat.

Otherwise, most suggestions on cooking oatmeal apply. Boil the water first, cook at low heat.

Another alternative is to soak the grains in the cold water overnight, and warming the slurry over low heat in the morning to eat.

Anything you can put into oatmeal, including fruit, nuts and more, can be put into steel cut oats.

How much Water makes one serving of Steel Cut Oatmeal?

One portion is 1 cup of water. This is also true for rolled oats, typical oatmeal.

How much Uncooked, Dry Oats for one portion of steel cut oats?

For steel cut oats, such as McCann's brand, one serving is 1/4 cup of uncooked, steel cut oats.

More Hints

Ideas on keeping steel cut oats from sticking to the pot


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