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What is Oatmeal Made of?

Where does oatmeal come from?

Oat Grain, as manufactured

Oatmeal, as packaged from the store, comes from oats, a grain. It is often sold as rolled oats, steel cut oats, oat flour or oat bran.

Rolled oatmeal is manufactured by rolling the oats flat. Depending on the brand and style, it may be par-cooked to speed cooking time; these are typically packaged and labeled as "1 minute" or "Quick" oats or oatmeal. Oatmeal is also packaged as whole grains, cut and labeled as "steel cut oats". Rolled and steel cut oats are consumed by heating in water, as a hot cereal. Oat grains are also ground into a flour, or meal, for use in baking. Oat bran can be purchased separately. All oat products may be added to baked goods, such as cookies or breads, either as a principle or supplemental ingredient.

Oatmeal, as cooked

Oatmeal, as cooked, in U.S. markets, is most often rolled oats, cooked in hot water. Steel cut oats are similarly cooked. Both may be cooked over a stove, or in a microwave. Some steel cut oats instructions suggest soaking the oats in cold water for an extended period (i.e., overnight) before heating for consumption.

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